Parties: Mel and the Miz Christen Playhouse Hollywood

Playhouse Hollywood, newest Hollywood nightclub hotspot.

It seems that Mel Gibson should have recruited WWE superstar “Miz,” a.k.a. Mike Mizanin, at the opening night soiree for Playhouse Hollywood, a decadent little dive on Hollywood Boulevard, for Gibson got in hot water again with a paparazzi-style journalist at the bash. It sure rocked and rolled with the best of ‘em at the Wednesday night opening of the latest L. A. hotspot.

Mel, who we hear didn’t drink anything alcoholic, let his preggers galpal Oksana Grigorieva suck down Diet Coke. Apparently, even with all those kids from his defunct marriage, Mel never heard how detrimental those fake sweeteners can be to a fetus; she’s from Russia, so apparently did not get the memo. And when the pushy journo tried to get into the VIP section to shoot pics of the pair (strictly a no-no at the party), Mel reportedly gave him a shove, which put him in hot water with the cops from a completely different jurisdiction than Malibu, the scene of the crime of his career-wrecking DUI.

He could have asked Mizanin, to help out, although the Hollywood resident from Parma, Ohio, which happens to be Cleveland’s largest suburb (of all places) was distracted, as he rocked and rolled all night with women who simply wanted to say, uh, “ hi,” in between glad-handing guys who regularly watch him as one of the really bad boys on “Monday Night Raw.” “Raw” happens to be the longest running continuing series of all time, not to mention TV’s highest-rated cable TV show (on the otherwise mostly crime-filled USA Network), believe it or not.

The interior of Playhouse, where Mel Gibson mixed it up with pushy reporters.The interior of Playhouse, where Mel Gibson mixed it up with pushy reporters.

“This place is awesome, “ said The Miz, whose feud with heroic John Cena has become must viewing for the rough-and-tumble rasslin’ masses. “Most wrestling fans hate me, but ya gottta adore the ladies here. Naturally, though, most everyone loves me from the time I spent on (MTV’s) ‘Real World.’”

For the uninformed, Mizanin was a regular on the 10th season of “Real” and then became a wrestler after stinting on USA’s former “Tough Enough.” Good thing he stayed out of the Gibson fray, and happily didn’t even try to mix it up with UFC fighter Chuck Lidell, who was sucking down Tres Generaciones tequila with bunch of tough looking buddies.

The bar at Playhouse.The bar at Playhouse.

And while Mel Gibson got into hot water again, the party rocked on as “Prison Break” stars Danay Garcia and Chris Vance enjoyed their Belvedere Vodka cocktails and snuggled up close. Everyone in the place was checking out the S&M-clad go-go girls, and drooled over the trapeze-swinging, scantily clad guys and gals who helped Playhouse Hollywood live up to its advertised hype, of “carnal desires, sordid secrets, and indiscreet actions.”

Whatever else Playhouse Hollywood ( evolves into, now it will always be the place where Mel Gibson got physical with a paparazzo fan. There could be worse fates for Hollywood’s newest hotspot.

Photos courtesy Playhouse Hollywood.